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                Special High Alumina Andalusite Silicon Carbide Brick

                Special High Alumina Andalusite Silicon Carbide Brick

                Optimal choice for cement kiln

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                Ruitai Special High Alumina Andalusite Silicon Carbide Brick is one kind of special application brick,designed to solve severe alkali problem and abnormal coating encountered in modern cement kilns.

                By adding SiC to alumina products,Ruitai launch special abrasion resistance alumina bricks with outstanding performance, providing a further solution to the heating process of cement kiln.

                To meet different requirements, Ruitai develop two kinds as below upon the performance:

                a.Standard Grade Mullite-SiC Brick

                b.High Grade Mullite-SiC Brick



                2.Calcining Zone

                Physical properties

                a.Strong thermal shock resistance 

                b.High Infiltration Resistance

                c.Strong abrasion resistance

                d.High chemical attack resistance

                Raw materials

                1.Special high alumina fireclay 

                2.Silicon carbide

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